Simien Trek

Simien Trek offers tailor-made trips and treks throughout Ethiopia, providing some of the best customer service available.

Ethiopia has so much to offer to its visitors – adventurous treks across some of Africa’s most spectacular mountains such as the Simiens; an ancient fascinating culture that spans back over the past two thousand years with unique churches in Lalibela, island monasteries on Lake Tana and churches hidden in the caves in Tigray; a rich wildlife with many endemic species and fantastic birding opportunities and much much more.

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Enjoy the Simien Mountains with large groups of the endemic Gelada monkeys, the Ethiopian wolf and amazing views all the way. Take a multi-day camping trip, or experience the mountains from the comfort of a lodge.


Lalibela, Tigray, Gondar and Bahir Dar all have rich and fascinating histories with ancient churches, relics from ancient civilisations and grand castles.


Explore the Danakil Depression and surrounds, one of the most extreme places on earth – below sea level with soaring temperatures, sulphur springs and bubbling volcanoes.


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