The Simien Mountains are a spectacular mountain range in Northern Ethiopia. The National Park is UNESCO listed and is home to several endemic flora and fauna, including the Gelada monkeys which live in large troupes of up to 200 individuals and can very often be closely observed; the Walia ibex, a large mountain goat and the rare Ethiopian wolf, a highly endangered species.

The Simiens offer great trekking for both experienced trekkers and also those not so well practiced, you can spend a day walking in the mountains, enjoying the scenery and spotting some of the wildlife, or you can spend 10 days trekking including the Ras Dejen, Ethiopia’s highest mountain at 4542m. A massive deep escarpment leads from the highlands to the lowlands, allowing views far over the lowlands.

Most trekkers choose to camp, there are several designated campsites throughout the park, there are also some very basic community lodges and one more luxurious lodge for those who prefer their comforts. I can arrange complete trekking packages for you which include everything so you can just enjoy the trek.

Please take a look at some of the different itineraries I am able to offer.

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