Bubbling sulphur springs, salt caravans, glowing lava lakes.

The Danakil Depression in the Afar Triangle in Eastern Ethiopia is one of the most extreme and inhospitable places on Earth. One of the hottest places on the planet, parts of it below sea level, bubbling sulphur springs, hot flowing lava lakes. Come and see these amazing wonders and the Afar people living in such extreme conditions.

You reach the Danakil via Berhale and camp at Hermadila near the salt lakes, sulphur springs and astounding rock formations. On the way you might still spot the camel and donkey trains carrying salt mined in the Danakil and taken to the salt market in Mekele.

Ertale volcano, which has one of the most permanent lava lakes, is reached across the hot desert where you will come across the Afar people, many of whom live a nomadic life with their livestock and when they move camp put all their belongings including their shelters on the back of camels before moving on.

To climb the volcano you start after dinner by torchlight. After spending a few hours on the top, you descend back to base camp for breakfast.