10 day trek

Day 1: Transfer from Gondar to Sankabar camp. You can be dropped off two hours trek before the campsite to enjoy the views over the escarpment and you are likely to spot large groups of the Gelada monkey. You camp at Sankabar which is at 3250m.

Day 2: Trek from Sanakabar camp to Gich camp via Jinibar falls, which takes around 6 hours. Gich camp is at 3600m.

Day 3: Based at Gich camp you will do a day trek to Imet Gogo from where there are excellent views of the Simien escarpment.

Day 4: Trek from Gich to Chennek (3620m). At Chennek there are again excellent views, and you should see more Gelada monkeys, Walia ibex and if you are lucky the Ethiopian wolf. Trekking time of around 9 hours.

Day 5: Trek from Chennek camp to Ambiko camp (3200m), the base camp for the climb up Ras Dejen, Ethiopia’s highest peak. Trekking time of around 9 hours.

Day 6: An early pre-dawn start to climb Ras Dejen (4543m). This is a long day, with around 12 hours of trekking and returning to Ambiko.

Day 7: Trek from Ambiko to Sona camp, 10 hours of trekking. You will start by trekking along the river valley before starting to cross farmland and past the village of Arkwasiye before reaching the Sona community. From Sona you have fantastic views back the high peaks and where you were a few days earlier.

Day 8: Today descends into the lowlands as you leave Sona to Mekarbiya camp, which is at 2065m, around 5 hours trek.

Day 9: Trek from Mekarbiya to Mulit camp (2100m), a 5 hour trek.

Day 10: Short morning trek to Adiarkay where you will be met and transfer back to Gondar.